What are ZYN Rewards ? How does it works? Earn & Redeem points [2023]

ZYN Rewards

If you are a regular customer of ZYN and want to take advantage of the ZYN rewards package to boost your points. If so, then look no further than this blog post. 

Introducing the reward program by ZYN is one of the best things; you can earn points every time from buying ZYN nicotine pouches. You can also redeem these points for rewards like goods and ZYN nicotine pouches. 

Keep Reading to learn more about Zyn Rewards!

What are ZYN Rewards?

Zyn is the latest addition of tobacco-free products introduced in the United States. Zyn product is a nicotine pouch free from tobacco, smoke, and spitting. This is an excellent alternative for those who need a suitable way to use nicotine without smoking. 

However, if you are buying regular nicotine pouches, you can get Zyn rewards. But How? Let me tell you, when you buy a Zyn nicotine pouch, you get a reward code with 15 points. You need to earn up to 60 monthly codes (not points, I said code) and look out for the chances to earn bonus points. Afterward, you can browse over 50 reward products and select one for saving. Collect points to purchase the selected products. 

Here are some of the Zyn products with their points listed below; you can get these products if you have enough points. 

Reward Product Points 
Samsung Smart TV  9000 Points
Traeger Tailgater 20 Grill/smoker10580 Points
Solo Stove Bonfire 7880 Points
2022 ZYN Hoodie 940 Points
E-Gift Card 750 Points
ZYN Metal Sign 560 Points
ZYN Cool Mint T-Shirt 380 Points

How ZYN Rewards Works?

Zyn is an excellent platform that offers you to earn points by buying Zyn products. You can use these points later to earn rewards. 

So first, you need to sign up for Zyn’s official Website. It’s free signup, but the Zyn platform is just for adults and 21+; otherwise, they can create serious issues if any underage person uses their products. So you need to verify your age first, then you can enter on their website. 

However, after signing up successfully, buy a Zyn Product. You will win points on every buying product, depending on how many products you purchase in a month. 

So you don’t need to count your point individually; your earn point will show you when you log in to your ZYN account. Therefore, you can boost it to get rewards once you earn enough points. Zyn offers multiple rewards; some may be future discounts on purchasing products, goods, or nicotine pouches. Greater rewards depend on your redemption points. 

How to Register for ZYN Rewards?

If you do not use tobacco and nicotine before and live out of the US, Zyn is not for you!

On the other hand, if you are a regular user of these products, you can earn bounces on every Zyn nicotine pouch, so are you ready to earn these cool rewards? Let’s sign up first!

  1. Go to the official Zyn site or install the Zyn application on your mobile phone.
  2. Registration is easy; you just need to fill identity name and age verification process. 
  3. Enter all the required information, including, Name, age, Email, Address, Zip Code, Passwords, etc. 
  4. Confirm your password
  5. Now you are ready to buy Zyn products and earn points.

Note: if you have any queries about the registration process and any issues during the registration process. You can ask Zyn Customer Services; they will guide you further. 

ZYN Rewards

How do you Earn Points?

Earning points smartly on the Zyn website is easy because of its user-friendly interface. However, here are some ways mentioned below to earn points from Zyn:

Register for Zyn.

It’s great to know when you register for Zyn; you will earn 50 points automatically without buying anything. 

Purchase a product.

You will earn points on every single purchase. So it all depends on you how much you spend and how much you earn. For example, if you purchase a product within $20, you will earn 200 points. 

Share on Social Media Handles.

You can earn up to 50 points in one social media sharing post about Zyn.

Using the Referral link,

You can earn 500 points when you refer a friend or family sibling to Zyn; just ensure your referral person uses your sharing link when they register.

Do Surveys & Feedback

Zyn Offer surveys to earn more points. So you just need to complete the surveys you received via email. And you can also earn feedback points. 

Don’t forget; you can earn points On Zyn very quickly, so track your points and redeem them to get great rewards. 

How can you maximize your points?

After implying all the above ways to earn points, there is another way to maximize your points. 

I think it’s a great way to earn enjoyable points, and you can attend Zyn-sponsored events. Zyn gives you a great way to earn bounce points by attending music and Sports events. 

How can you Redeem Points?

While you earn up to 380 to 9000, you can redeem them quickly to get cool rewards such as Zyn hats, t-shirts, and future discounts. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Login first and look at the available rewards according to your earn points. 
  • Now click on the selected award. Check the enough points that you can use to redeem the reward. 
  • After selection, you will receive a confirmation message via email from Zyn. 
  • Your reward is sipping to you, and the shipping duration depends on your location. If you live in Sweden, it will take up to 48 hours arrives to you. 

If you don’t get your preferred reward, it might create a problem so that you can redden your point for the Zyn Starter kit. This starter kit includes a variety of Zyn nicotine flavors. The bonus reward is this kit carrying a branded ZYN case. I think it’s a great way to find your favorite flavor. 

Which Rewards can you Get Form Zyn?

Zyn offers a Verity of Rewards that you can choose from the site. Some of them are listed below:


Zyn discounts its products such as Starter Kit, Nicotine Pouches, and many others. 

Gift Vouchers

Zyn has partnerships with many other brands, including sports, music concerts, restaurants, retailers, and other online marketplaces (Amazon, Uber, iTunes, Airbnb, and TopGolf). So they offer you to get gift vouchers by redeeming points.

ZYN Branded Merchandise 

You can also redeem your points for Zyn Branded merchandise, including t-shirts, yeti coolers, Helly Hansen Jackets, hats, and other products. 

ZYN Donations

You can also donate your points for charity purposes with Zyn-selected charity partners. 

Note: Some of the mentioned above may be unavailable on the site of Zyn s make sure to check first before redeeming your points.  

ZYN Rewards

What are the Terms and Conditions?

To enjoy the best experience with Zyn, you should know their customer’s rules and regulations. So keep in mind the below rules and regulations while you are going to become a part of ZYN; 

  • You must be under 21 years to be accepted. 
  • You can do one verification for Zyn, so try to fill in valid information for registration. 
  • Zyn can end or change your reward program without letting you know. 
  • Your earn points are valid for 12 months; afterward, they will expire, so try to redeem them before expiration. 
  • You cannot transfer or share your points with another user. 
  • Zyn may change the value of points without any notice. 
  • When you buy and return a product, your earning points will be detected.
  • You may be disqualified later if you don’t follow their rules and regulations.  
  • When registering, tick the field for receiving emails from Zyn. 

These rules and regulations may seem not food sometimes, but they ensure that their customers provide a reliable and smooth experience. So if you follow the term and conditions of Zyn, you will quickly earn and redeem points.

Advantages of ZYN Rewards

Zyn platform offers a great opportunity by 

  • Free to Registration

You don’t need to pay any joining fee, just do registration and start collecting points. 

  • More points, More Rewards

Get more points and earn rewards how much you want. You can get future discounts on Zyn products from points. 

  • Quick Access to New Flavors

If you become a member of ZYN, you can try newly launched flavors and other products. You can also share your feedback with the Zyn team and get more points. 

  • Special days Rewards

If you are a regular member of Zyn, then they have special day rewards for you. Their team should make your day memorable. 

  • Refer Program

Zyn gives you multiple ways to win points and get rewards. You can earn extra points by referring a friend. 

  • Social Communication

You have an extra opportunity to meet up with like-minded people. Moreover, you can communicate with them Via Zyn and shear your experience with Zyn tobacco-free and nicotine pouches. 

  • Friendly user interface

You can easily access the Zyn website and track your points, check your purchases, and redeem rewards at a time. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the rewards for ZYN?

  • Gift Vouchers: including sports, music concerts, restaurants, retailers, and other online marketplaces (Amazon, Uber, iTunes, Airbnb, TopGolf).
  • ZYN Branded Merchandise: including t-shirts, yeti coolers, Helly Hansen Jackets, hats, and other products.
  • Technology Gadgets: Including Smart TVs, Apple Air pods, and Sonos Speakers.   

Q. How long does it take ZYN to send rewards?

It takes Up to 4-6 working days from the redemption confirmation. 

Q. How much sugar is in ZYN?

Zyn pouches are available in 4 typical flavors: Mixed berry, Lemon ginger, can-berry pomegranate, and mango lychee. Each flavor contains low sugar:

  • 2 grams per serving
  • Ten calories per Serving 
  • Crabs 3 grams per serving

Q. Are Zyn rewards available for other countries?

No! Zyn rewards are only for United States customers.

Final Remarks

ZYN Rewards is an excellent opportunity to get prizes using Nicotine pouches. Moreover, they offer multiple ways to earn and redeem points for exciting rewards. Therefore, you can maximize these points by sharing Zyn on your social media and with friends. 

Although, one thing should be noted! Nicotine is a hazardous and addictive chemical. It can harm your inner system like, high blood pressure and heart flow. So use only if you are 21 and have a robust immune system. 

Therefore, to quit Zyn addiction, you should concern your healthcare doctor. 

Besides, it’s also a fabulous way to try the latest flavor of Zyn nicotine pouches, be a member, and get updated with like-minded people. 

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