Homeworkify AI Features, Benefits, Pricing, and Alternatives 2023

Are you tired of exams and homework stress? So say goodbye to the studying stress with Homeworkify. It works as a homework AI assistant for you and helps you to solve your math, assignment, and science project problems. It is designed to make your academic journey smoother and more efficient.

Moreover, you can improve your learning experience with several features that you can access from it. Let’s explore with the help of this guide how Homeworkify works and fulfills your studying needs. 

What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is an educational platform designed for students with the help of Artificial intelligence which assists students with their Maths, Bio, Computer programs, Business, and  Engineering problems. 

Moreover, you can easily get instant solutions by typing and direct questions link into the search field and you can receive answers to your questions within just a few seconds. Therefore, you can also get step-by-step solutions to your homework problems with the help of the Q&A feature. More other features include unlock answers, unblur answers, and access to the other documents links free of cost. 

Homeworkify: Get the Answers to Academic Questions 


Platform Homeworkify 
CategoryAI Academic problem solver
Features Assignments and Homework Solver, Unlock document links, Unblur Answers, Unhide Content, and more. 
Alternatives Chegg Answers Subreddit, Unblur Study Blue Cores hero, and more.  

Which Features & Benefits Does Homeworkify Offers?

Homeworkify offers multiple features which include, Fast answering with users user-friendly interface, Unblur answers for you free of cost, Unlock documents links, Essay assistant, Quizzes solver, Customize learning, and unhide content that can boost your learning experience. Moreover, you cannot just find some specific subject solutions, you can also get comprehensive essays along with your course subjects. Let’s examine the benefits of its features one by one. 

  • Comprehensive Course Material: You can access a wide range of comprehensive courses including, Bio, Chemistry, Maths, Programs, and more. 
  • Instant Problem Solver: you can get quick solutions related to your subject’s problems within a few minutes. 
  • Suggestions: it provides you best suggestions that help you according to your academic needs. 
  • Easy to access platform: With the help of a user-friendly interface you can access it from any device including a PC, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • Save your Time: With the help of AI assistants, you can get instant study-accurate solutions for completing your homework and assignments faster.
  • Improve Grades: AI assistants always give you unique answers on every attempt, so with the help of its resources you can boost your grades. 
  • Unhide Solutions: It allows students to unhide content and unblur the answers that can help to better understand the solutions. 

Homeworkify Pricing 

As I stated above, it works free of cost as compared to other platforms. But you can also choose its advanced plans with more features and efficient solutions. So here are three Plans that Workify offers you can choose from them according to your academic needs. 

Free of cost 
Limited access
Unblur Chegg solutions
Homework scanner
Q&A Solutions

$9.99 per month
Additional benefits
Mock Quizzes solutions
Customize dashboard 
Basic plans features also include
$19.99 per Month 
Basic + Plus Features include 
Live tutoring
Family Plan 
$29.99 per month 
5 family members access
Basic + Plus + Premium features also include

Therefore, all the above features you can try within your trial period. You can see how efficient and beneficial a platform it is. 

Homeworkify Alternatives 

There are several online platforms that provide solutions to your academic questions. But when it comes to reliability, Cost, and trust that are the main points. 

However, let’s explore other alternatives according to the pricing, Subject genre, features, and other facts that help you make better decisions for your study. 


For those who don’t know, Chegg also offers trial-based solutions like Homeworkify. You can get the answers to your comprehensive subjects including, Bio, Science, Match Engineering, and business questions with the help of the Chegg expert-based platform. You can find a wide range of textbook solutions here, that why you can call it the best homework solution platform. Similar to Homeworkify Chegg also is a paid platform, you can subscribe monthly plan for $19.99. 

Homeworkify: Get the Answers to Academic Questions 

How Chegg Works?

Go to Chegg.com > Register with a new Account > Sign in > Add your study year whether you are a college-level student or a High school > Enter Credit Card details > You will access all Chegg features > Now scroll down and click on the Help option > Type your Question either choose recently ASQ or choose from books > Your Answers will be displayed. 

Features and Benefits of Chegg


Homeworkify: Get the Answers to Academic Questions 

From any life advice to a medical emergency, you can find the answers on Quora. It works as a public platform where people discuss their thoughts and also provide solution guides to the problem. 

Similarly, if you are fed up with the hidden answers you can get those answers on Quora. It is another useful alternative to Home workify. Especially, peoples discuss the answers to those questions that are not available on any other platform or might be hidden or blurred. 

However, if you ask your question on Quora you need to wait for the correct answers, or it might be not trustworthy, so we can say that Home workify is more reliable than Quora. 

Mathlab Homeworkify App

Another way to find the best solution to your questions is the Home workify Android app by Mathlab. It allows you to get the answer to your questions by scanning the feature.  Here are some great features of this app that can help you get your answer faster.

Homeworkify: Get the Answers to Academic Questions 
  • Instance Answering: with the help of an AI system you can get the right answers to your questions.
  • AI Feedback: you can get detailed feedback from an AI assistant that helps to improve your Essay writing. 
  • Language proficiency Text & Exams: it is the best way you can prepare your Language proficiency texts including, PTE, TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE without paying any cost.  
  • Complete comprehensive subjects: you can get the complete subjects solutions including, math, Bio, Chemistry, Computer, and Business.   
  • Study Guide: you can select the customized study plans, set the study goals, and also you can track your grading progress. 
  • Live AI Tutoring:  With a subscription to premium plans, you can connect with AI live tutors and also get study sessions one by one. 

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Course Hero

Just like Chegg, you can also try Course Hero for your study-related problems by using a number of textbook solutions. You can also set customized sessions with expert tutors. It is also a paid platform that offers a basic monthly plan at $39.99.

Therefore, as with other platforms, it does not provide a trial subscription, you need to subscribe paid plan before using the Course Hero features. 

Besides, you can use below different tricks below and access the solution without paying any penny.

Homeworkify: Get the Answers to Academic Questions 
  • By uploading your own study material on the course hero platform you will contribute to the platform. For example, on every 10 uploading study materials, you can get 5 documents for free. 
  • After access to the 5 content, you can add ratings on it and get access to 1 more question or document which you want. 
  • Similarly, you can add ratings to other documents and get access to any course hero document that you want. You can repeat this process as much as you can without paying any penny. 
  • Moreover, you can ask other users to give at least 5 thumbs on your post or content that can help you unlock one more course hero document.

Just like pasting the URL on Homeworkify, you can unblur the answer on Course Hero after pasting the URL.  So using the Course Hero platform is the best choice. It also provides a brief explanation of your problem through videos if needed. 

How to Troubleshoot Homeworkify Errors?

Every web and Android application comes with some complications and errors. However, many students report errors, Error 403, Cloud Front problems, Configuration errors, and sometimes images not loaded on the page. So the solution to all these problems is just to refresh the page. 


Q. What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is an educational platform designed for students with the help of Artificial intelligence which assists students with their Maths, Bio, Computer programs, Business, and  Engineering problems.

Q. How can I access Chegg without paying?

You can access Chegg free of cost within the trial period, after that you need to subscribe to the plans of Chegg according to your needs.  


Homeworkify is the best tool for solving your academic problems. However, as a student buying a plan is not an easy way to find study solutions. So try to use other free alternatives that allow you to have free access and help to improve your grades and learning process. 

Personally, I had never used Homeworkify because I did not trust that website that gives paid access to studies and also had some reported complications. All of these tools are valuable for students but it is not a good replacement for your own learning skills with the help of human experts. 






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