Ghibli Historical center: Drenching in the Realm of Studio Ghibli Movement

Settled in the verdant rural areas of Mitaka, Tokyo, lies a capricious safe-haven that coaxes guests into the charming universe of Studio Ghibli movement – the Ghibli Gallery. Planned by acclaimed chief Hayao Miyazaki himself, this mystical exhibition hall is a demonstration of the innovativeness, creative mind, and masterfulness that have made Studio Ghibli films … Read more

Shimokitazawa: Uncovering Tokyo’s Indie Music and Arts Scene

Settled in the southwestern piece of Tokyo lies Shimokitazawa, an area overflowing with imagination, energy, and an energetic non mainstream music and expressions scene. Frequently alluded to as “Shimokita” by local people, this mixed region has procured a standing as a social center where specialists, performers, and nonconformists join to put themselves out there and … Read more

Kichijoji: Enjoying Nature in Inokashira Park and Shopping in Trendy Boutiques

Settled in the western rural areas of Tokyo lies Kichijoji, a lively area prestigious for its amicable mix of regular magnificence and metropolitan appeal. From the peaceful desert spring of Inokashira Park to the clamoring roads fixed with stylish stores and bistros, Kichijoji offers guests a wonderful getaway from the rushing about of the city. … Read more

Conventional Tea Houses: Encountering Japanese Tea Culture

In the peaceful corners of Japan’s clamoring urban areas and quiet open country, conventional tea houses stand as immortal safe-havens, protecting the craftsmanship and substance of Japanese tea culture. Undeniably something other than a refreshment, tea holds a significant importance in Japanese society, representing cordiality, congruity, and care. Go along with us on an excursion … Read more

Harajuku Fashion District: Exploring Youth Culture and Street Style

Harajuku Design Area: Investigating Youth Culture and Road Style In the clamoring city of Tokyo lies an area dissimilar to some other – Harajuku. Eminent overall as a center point of erratic style and young inventiveness, Harajuku is a dynamic region where patterns are conceived and limits are pushed. From brilliant cosplay to vanguard streetwear, … Read more