Sharksnado : Highest-grossing movies of the year

If you are looking for a horror science fiction movie to kill your boring time, Sharksnado is a perfect comic disaster movie. In 2013 Anthony C. Ferrante produced 1st film series for USA Television Syfy.

Moreover, this movie has six parts; in the first part, a water storm from the sea brings horrible sharks to the city of Los Angles. Let’s examine how these sharks spread fear and scars in loss angles. And who fights against them? 

Sharksnado Quick Overview

Sharknado will be a crazy journey if you enjoy science fiction and disaster films.  This is an action-packed, thrilling movie. The story starts with the scene when the waterspout ocean brought sharks and dropped them onto the streets of Los Angeles.

The plot starts with a storm that holds a ravenous of sharks with a watersport that looks like a tornado and is lead for a California city. The people of California must work together to save the city and other peoples’ lives. Because Sharknado brought out disaster to the town. 

Movie name Sharksnado 
Director Anthony C. Ferrante 
Co-Producer Paul Bales 
Writer Thunder Levin 
Movie Series  6 Series  (2013 to 2018)
Movie Type Science Fiction 
Leading Character Ian Ziering 
Music by Ramin Kousha
Total Franchise Gross $4.5 billion

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How did Sharksnado Idea Come to be?

During the discussion of the movie with director Anthony C. Ferrante, writer Thunder Levin came up with the concept for Sharksnado. Ferrante jokingly planned to merge a disaster movie with a shark movie as they were discussing possible ideas for a B-movie. They made the concept of a film full of sharks and tornadoes.

Sharksnado shoots Location

This movie is shoot in Los angles and California, with the cast  (of John Heard, Lan Ziering, Tara Reid, and Cassie). 

Sharksnado Film Sequels

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How many Sharknado movies are there?

Sharksnado: 2013 

It is the first and the most popular part of the film. Which was released in 2013, and this B-horror film was of the highest level. In addition, this film swiftly rose to mainstream status. 

The SYFY channel’s first appearance of this movie left every viewer and watcher speechless. Yes, it is still the most-watching part.

The story is silly. The writing and scripting could be more original. It contains CG for every watcher. This is a great way of fun and one of the greatest movies in the horror filmmaking category. Compared to the other five series, this is perfect. 

Sharksnado: 2013

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The second One: 2014

While Fin and April arrive in town to shift April Wexler and make an effort to spoil a shark attack, a gang of sharks suddenly appears. When Fin and his wife board a plane and touch down in a stormy sea. The pilot and passenger are killed as sharks attack the plane’s engine. But the shark’s hand was cut off when the fin’s wife attacked.

The second shark attack was held at the airport, where a storm warning was set. Aprils was checked into the hospital to undergo surgery. Fin phones Ellen at the Bales Tower Hotel, then he and his crew panel the tube. Sharks down.

Afterward, Skye and Fin attempt to sever the sharks’ heads. Storms filled the hose, and sharks attacked the trains. Fins ultimately ask April to marry him by purchasing a ring for a second marriage.

Feeding Frenzy: 2015

Sharksnado’s 3rd title is Oh My God. When a “shark” shows up in Washington, shark fighter Fin Shepard, along with Gil, April, and Nova, chooses to take on all the dangerous obstacles to prevent the destruction of the nation’s capital. To stop the shark storm, the head of state and fin cooperate. They both battle to kill the sharks and save the country. The ultimate goal is to use NASA’s assistance to destroy the storm from space.

Sharks attack NASA just before takeoff. Nova is attempting to break through the shark’s defenses. However, they fail to take to pieces the shark wall.

The 4th Awakens: 2016

The new cast includes Imani Hakim, Gary Busey, Tommy Davidson, Cheryl Tiegs, and Masiela Lusha. Five years after the last shark, Fin, and his team are recasting a new cast of Sharksnado. Fin travels the whole world in this section to protect their family from sharks. There are a lot of negative reviews for this fourth season.

Global Swarming: 2017

The fifth series title is global swarming, released on August 6, 2017. The story plot is alive, applying his son Gill’s time-traveling and trying to clean the planet from sharks. 

Global Swarming: 2017

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The Last one: It is About Time (2018)

The survivor from Sharks, Alive Fin, finds himself going through a timer-replace to meet some dead sharks. He is trying to identify the first enemy shark. When he shoots the shark for the first time, just before, he sets the timer and despair from the eye of the shark. And directly appear in the bar where the movie starts the first time.

The Sharksnado cast Crew

Finley (Lan Ziering) is the leading character in the movie: And plays the role of a bar owner.

George (John Heard) is another main cast of the film, playing the role of Dunk Man. 

April Wexler (Tara Reid): plays the role of fins Ex-wife

Nova Clarke (Cassie Scerbo): plays the role of worker of the fins bar. 

Baz Hogan (Jason Simmons): plays the character of fins friends and right hand.

Claudia (Aubrey Peeples) is playing the fins daughter role. 

Matt (Chuck Hettinger) is playing the role of Fins and his ex-wife’s son. 

Collin (Christopher): he is playing the role of fins ex-wife’s boyfriend. 

Robbie (Robbie Rist): plays the role of Bus driver.

The Sharksnado cast Crew

Sharksnado International Broadcast

  • The UC was established on September 9 and was broadcast in Australia in 2013.
  • The premiere aired on Syfy on August 7, 2013, in the UK.
  • On September 17, 2013, the first broadcast on free-to-air TV in New Zealand occurred.
  • On January 10, 2014, Germany gave its debut performance on the free-to-air television channel 5.
  • In 2017, broadcast THAILAND on a PPTV TV channel for free.
  • First broadcast on the GMA Network in the Philippines in January 2016.

Which are the Most Thrilling Scene of Sharksnado?

The intense action sequences in the film keep viewers on the edge of their seats. One of the most famous moments is when Fin and Nova attempt to save a bunch of passengers from a shark attack while they are trapped on a bus. Another iconic scene is when Fin uses a chainsaw to cut his way out after being swallowed whole by a shark. 

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What challenges does Sharksnados’ cast face behind the Scenes?

This movie shoot fills with adventures and not easy to shoot a science-fiction film. The cast, crew, and producer face significant challenges in combining real and CGI effects. They made a record in the film industry for a low-cost movie with many viewers.

Good and Bad of Film


  • The mix-up of horror and comedy: the first movie was known for its unique and thrilling story plot, an excellent match-up of horror and fun. 
  • Real Feel Sharks Effects: the shark’s attacks look realistic and inspiring through the CGI production.  
  • Campy Funny Side:  this movie became so popular because viewers take it not seriously, and comedy touchup adds in all moments.


  • The Same Idea Applies to all Sequels: they are not updated and add unique ideas in subsequent sequels. Continuously flowing the same plot and entertaining method.
  • Too many Fake Tropes: Most of the story production relies on the Tropes. Which is not made the audience give positive feedback. 
  • Nonserious Acting: the actors acting is not so impressive due to a lot of fun and comedy scenes. Views are not satisfied with the cast crew acting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Sharknados Possible?

Tornado fishes, frogs, and even alligators live in the water. They appear in various countries. But tornado sharks have never been seen before this movie. 

Q. What is the meaning of Sharknado?

In the Deep South, there can be a Sharknado. Sometimes animals come with storms and sea tornados. But in this movie, tornado sharks are filmed as a natural phenomenon. 

Q. What is the movie about a tornado with sharks?

Sharksnado is a perfect science fiction comic disaster movie for you. In 2013 Anthony C. Ferrante produced 1st film series for USA Television Syfy.

Q. How was Sharknado defeated?

They sacrifice themselves to destroy the Sharknado and piece together time, constructing a new timeline. Robot April’s head from the present-day assists Fin in eventually eliminating her future self, and he activates her nuclear reset failsafe.

Bottom Line:

To be honest, Sharksnado is not a masterpiece horror film, but the story plot made people think before diving into the deep ocean. The sixth sequel film gains more popularity in Hollywood without investing much in production. 

Whether you ask excellent or bad for it but Sharksnado made a significant impact on the filming industry and its audience. 






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