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Khaby Lame | Why he doesn’t say a word?

Khaby Lame, also known as Cosimo Fini, has attracted the world’s youngsters with his silent TikTok videos. In 2020 he became the most followed social media influencer which is around 162 million. Though Khaby’s growth slowly took the place of Charli, who has made around 151 followers in a couple of months. 

So, let’s discover the path of Khaby’s lame success, what the mystery behind his overnight growth is, why he is known as a mute guy, and how much he earns from TikTok. 

Khaby Lame Statistics

Full NameKhaby Lame (Real Name: Cosimo Fini)
Date of Birth 9 March 2000
Place of Birth Chivasso, Italy 
Nationality Italian
Occupation Social Media Influencer, and Content Creator
Social Media Accounts TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook 
Famous For Creating Funny and Silence Videos
Signature Style Humor with Silence  
Achievements Globally popular TikTok person 
#TikTok Followers Over 162 million 
# Instagram Followers Over 80.8 million 
# YouTube Subscribers Over 5.22 million 
# Facebook Followers Over 2.7 million 

Who’s Khaby Lame?

Khaby Lame is a young Homer content creator from Chivasso, Italy. He was born in Senegal on March 9, 2000. After that when he was one year old, lame moved to Italy with his parents. Therefore, when he was 20 years old, he worked in a car factory. Unfortunately, due to covid pandemic, he lost his car factory employment. 

After that, when he lost his job, basically that was the turning point of his career. Khabane lame used his free time and upload short videos on TikTok. Luckily in the count of months, his videos became famous quickly, and Lame became a most famous social media influencer and Humor content creator.

Now his over 162 million TikTok Followers set him apart from other content creators globally. Moreover, he has millions of Followers on Instagram, which is more than Mark Zuckerberg, can you believe it? So, let’s examine what’s the mystery behind his fame.

khaby Lame

What’s the Mystery behind Khaby Lame’s Fame? 

His facial expressions make people laugh, even though he stays silent and just reacts to unrealistic life hacks. Probably you have seen his videos on TikTok a few times, where he seems to expose other people’s life hacks videos by merging his creations.  

Not just that, if you go to his Official [@Khaby.lame] TikTok account, you will see his videos of some famous American, and Indian actors. Moreover, his content is out of any language frame that sets a part of him apart from other voice content creators. 

Why does not Khaby Lame Speak?

One of the most fantastic parts of his fame is Khaby’s upspeak videos. But why he is not spoken? There is a reason behind this, which he shared with his followers in an interview. Khaby Lame said “Motivation has a lot of types, but silence is not. So, I decided to pick a style that reaches all nature of peoples, so I choose the silence because reaches the many peoples of heart, silence is the best way”. 

How Much Does Khaby Lame Earn from TikTok?

However, it is difficult to count his profits from his social media accounts. Therefore, as of Forbes 2021 update Khaby Lame made $10 million dollars. But some other sources of news claim that he has an estimated net worth of around $15 million. 

Besides, after popular influencer, he also attracted other profitable sponsorships and deals, which boosted his fortune day by day. 

Khaby Lame’s Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)
Build Slim 
Hair Color Black 
Eyes Color Brown 

Khaby’s most popular TikTok Videos

Khaby Lame exposes other Unrealistic hacks that actually do not exist in real life. He motivates practically people by debunking life hacks. His video became popular with hundreds of millions of time viewers. So here we have filtered out his top viewed videos that you can access by clicking on the title. 

#1. It’s okay, I quit. You can go! – 5M Views

#2. I wish I didn’t see it – 2.2M Views  

#2. My friend, maybe look around first? – 5.7M Views 

#3. I guess I’ll have to change restaurant from tomorrow. – 7.9M Views 

#4. I’m in. – 23.8M Views 

#5. My first day as a mailman was not bad at all. – 3.8M Views

#6. Always trust Robert Downey Jr. – 25M Views 

#7. I expected an epic battle but friendship always wins in the end. – 15M Views 

#8. Next time you break the glass, you’ll clean up! – 28M Views 

#9. What power would you like to have if you were a superhero? – 18.7M Views 

#10. When Sonu’s straw steals the spotlight – 108M Views 

Is Khaby Lame the King of TikTok?

No doubt! At the same spot and time, he earned a massive fortune and fame on TikTok as other talented influencers. So, the title of King has numerous factors behind it, which include a wide range of followers, unique content, engaging all kinds of people globally, and a unique style of humor. 

Khaby Lame Official Social Media Handel

  • TikTok – @Khabane lame
  • Instagram – @Khaby00
  • YouTube – @Khaby. Lame
  • Facebook – @Khaby Lame


Q. HOW Old is Khaby Lame?

As of 2023, Khaby Lame is 23 years old (born on 9 March 2000). He has a Pisces zodiac sign.

Q. How Tall is Khaby Lame?

Khaby Lame is 1.85 Meters (6 feet 1 inch) tall.

Q. What is Khaby Lame’s name?

Khaby’s real name is Cosimo Fini but he is famous for his Khaby lame name. 

Q. How Should I pronounce Khaby Lame?

Khaby – K-ABBY 

Lame – LAH-MAY. 

Q. Where is Khaby Lame From?

He was born in Senegal, but after 1 year of his birth, Khaby Moved to Italy with his Parents. 

Q. What is Khaby Lame’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Khaby Lame has $15 Million Net Worth, from different sources. 

Q. Is Khaby Lame Muslim?

Yes! He is a practicing Muslim, and he asks it in an interview. 

Q. When Khaby Lame’s Start his TikTok?

In March 2020 Khaby joined TikTok after losing his car factory job due to the pandemic. 

Q. How many TikTok Followers Khaby Lame’s have?

As of September 2023, Khaby has 162 million TikTok Followers Globally. 


Khaby Lame is an influencer star of the social media world. He simply entertained people with his silence style. Khaby shows an actual image of life hacks in this fake and modern era, where everyone spreads artificial content to gain popularity and attention. Khaby Starts his journey from Italy during the pandemic like other popular influencers. But he’s not saying anything short and inspiring videos set apart him others. Thus, his success as a silent and aspiring content creator reminds us of his extraordinary achievements in social media. So why aren’t you? 






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