SmiHub legit or Scam – Anonymous Instagram content viewer and downloader

Smihub is a popular website that has been around since 2018, that they allow Instagram users to view someone’s profile without knowing them. Moreover, it is a great platform that helps you to download someone’s stories, videos, images, and reels. In addition, Smihub asks people to use this tool for saving Instagram content for personal social media account use. 

However, you don’t need to install or download first for using this tool, where you can view or download your favorite content with a few clicks. So, let’s uncover what’s the problem peoples face when trying to access this platform, keep reading with me and go through a detailed guide about Smihub here. 

Quick info About Smihub

Platform Smihub 
Usage Anonymous Instagram content viewer and downloader
Active Users 1billion +
Interface User friendly 
Website Access Free-of-cost 
Compatible  Windows, IOS, Android, Linux 

What is Smihub?

The Smihub is a widely used tool that allows their users to view Instagram posts, the number of followers, and download reels, profile videos, and original quality images without letting know them. Besides, they ask on their website blogs you can use another private number for viewing someone’s profile but it’s the time taken to process, Smihub safe your time and you can get easy access to download Instagram content for using it later with reference. You just need to open your browser and access the Instagram data in just a few clicks. Moreover, they mentioned it is the best platform that allows you to save story videos that can you watch later. 

Smihub is also known as Gramsnap. 

What is Smihub?

What features does Smihub offer?

Smihub is the most usable open-source platform that you can access from any browser without showing your identity. Here we’ll discover all the features that help you understand whether their claims are valid or not.  

1. view someone’s Instagram profile, reels, and stories without showing your identity. 

2. you can download videos, reels, stories, and pictures of someone from Instagram. 

3. you can also zoom profile pictures and download them. 

Users supposed they can view their favorite person’s profile and download content that they want, and according to my experience, it is worth it to download Instagram content using Smihub is a quick process. So now after discovering the features of this website let’s take a look at how it works for their users. 

features does Smihub offer

How does both  Smihub site work when you paste an Instagram URL?

Scam Smihub website 

Well, it doesn’t work as they claim inside their website blogs. I tried it many times and with a lot of methods but was disappointing. 

Let’s show you an example, I’m a big fan of Ronaldo Cristiano and want to save some tournament memories on my desktop. But you know what? when I copied the URL and paste it into the field. 

I have pasted it, and as I click on the captcha it takes to me another different website. I never lose hope and tried it again with positive vibes. But with the second click, it takes to me a YouTube account which is totally different from the website. You might think when you have tried the Smihub is working well, and a problem with your browser or internet connection, or maybe in the URL. But I have tried this website from other several browsers and devices but the result remains the same always. 

Real Smihub Website 

Although, the Smihub viewer and downloader do not work and it is very disappointing for me. But there are two official websites with the name Smihub as you can see above, it works well as they claim, you can download and see Instagram content from this Smihub website. 

How to View and Download Instagram Content from Smihub?

 Using the Smihub website for viewing and downloading Instagram content is slightly easy. Navigating the website with a simple and user-friendly interface is easier. So here are the steps for viewing and downloading the content of Instagram including, profile pictures, stories, posts, and videos. 

  1. Go to the website which is called Smihub. 
  2. Now an empty field will show you at the front interface, where you should paste the URL of your Instagram profile. 
  3. Paste the URL and click on search, it might be possible a search page will open on your browser, don’t disappoint. Just go back to the site and scroll down your profile will show you a download button. 
How to View and Download Instagram Content from Smihub?
  1. Now click on the download option, and your content will be downloaded. 

Is Smihub (Gramsnap) a legitimate website?

As I mentioned above, the first one is does not allow you access to view and download Instagram accounts and content. This website fails to work with its features and even there is no comment section on this website. You can’t just contact the team from their chat support desk via email and phone. 

On the other hand, the second one Smihub (Gramsnap) is a great website that allows you to view and download someone’s profile images, post pictures and videos, and even reels and stories. So don’t trust the website always go on the website that is legitimate. 

So, if you want to report and contact their team, the below section will help you to contact them. 

How you can contact with Smihub website?

Email address
Number (+1) 914-541-8705
City Poughkeepsie, New York
Country United State

Alternatives of Smihub

So now you can also move to other alternatives and give a chance to them whether it’s working. 

  • Gramhir
  • Viewerig
  • Storistalkers
  • Anon IG Viewer
  • imgund
  • Weynstag
  • 4k Stogram
  • Instaviewz
  • Instajust
  • Privatephotoviewer
  • Dumpoir
  • Picatto
  • Instastory
  • Ig-view
  • Bigstay
  • Hashtagpirate
  • Stories-ig
  • toksuggested
  • The-highlights. club
  • Instaxyz
  • Watchinsta
  • Izuum
  • Greatfon
  • Sweetagram
  • Ingram
  • Lambda
  • Instaprivateprofileviewer
  • Storiesdown
  • Instagramsave
  • Anonigviewer
  • Imgtagram
  • Piwox
  • Igwebviewer

Pros and cons of Smihub (Gramsnap)


  • You don’t need to download and install the process for using this Instagram stalker tool. 
  • it is free to use that allows access to viewing and downloading Instagram content with anonymity. 
  • This tool is compatible with every platform with user’s friendly interface.


  • There is no other language support except English. 
  • It allows to misuse someone’s personal information and content to everyone. 
  • You can just access it through the browser, they don’t create an application version yet. 
  • Downloading someone’s videos and images without the account owner permission is illegal. 

Final verdict 

After exploring both active domain websites, I hope you will decide which one is legitimate and the best Smihub for viewing and downloading Instagram pictures, videos stories, and more. 

Therefore, it is a free Instagram prowler that allows to their users download what they want from Instagram without letting know them. Moreover, this Instagram stalker site claims that they show the number of followers, likes, comments, and public hashtags. Therefore, you can access directly without paying any dime to the website without doing any signup process. 






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