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Hey Reader! Welcome to the Safe Kid Games blog – Here you will find the best source to keep your kids safe while they explore the technology world.

In today’s fast age, kids are rising surrounded by the Internet and technology. Undoubtedly, it’s a fantastic platform for learning with entertainment for every age of the child, but as a Guardian and parent, it is essential to ensure that your kids discover the virtual world without unreliable things. 

That’s where Safe Kids Games becomes on the top of the list. Therefore, we are here to show you kid-friendly games that boost your kid’s learning skills along with joy and adventures. So let’s dive deep into the world of Safe Kids Games, features, tips, and best-recommended games that help your child’s giggling and thrill gaming experience from K – 7 Grades. 

We understand that parenting can be challenging in this modern age. Your common concern may be “how to keep your child secure from online troubles” or “which games are best and appropriate for your kid’s age”. To simplify all these sensitive matters we’re providing you with a comprehensive guide that will help you make better selections.  

What is Safe Kid Games?

Safe Kid Games is an online and offline gameplay platform designed for K7-grade kids. It is family family-owned website that is run by parents who ensure this site is kept safe for kids and provides a learning and safe gaming zone for kids. 

Therefore, they promote educational and problem-solving games that enhance both learning and entertaining experiences for kids. They carefully select and test all games before offering and ensure that they regularly update gaming quality according to the different versions. 

Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it more reliable and easy to access for kids, where they can navigate all grades and gaming categories and choose the perfect games. 

How does Safe Kid Games Work?

Safe kid games are designed in a protected way, where your kids can play games that are appropriate to their age and interest. Therefore, they also used some unique filters that can only be accessible with parents’ permission, like chat rooms. This means you can watch your child’s activities, if you don’t allow them to talk with someone and do other things, they can not access it.  

safe kid games website interface

Moreover, these games are not just for joy, they also enhance learning and problem-solving skills in maths and science. Besides, the best thing is that you don’t need to install and download it, you can browse this website from your desktop or LED. From this trick, you can keep an eye on your child’s activity. However, it is easy to use with its user-friendly interface, where you cannot find too many annoying ads. Safe Kid Games always has anything for everyone with cool learning stuff. 

How Many Categories does Safe Kid Games offer?

There are numerous gaming categories you will find on the Safe Kid Games site. You can find games easily with the help of these group categories like puzzle games, racing games, strategy games, action games, and more. Here you can find some games that are most popular with their categories:

Grade Safe Kid Games:

As stated above, Safe Kid Games offers numerous games for different grades kids, kindergarten through 7 grades. With the help of this category, you can easily access the games that are appropriate to your kid’s age and school’s grade. Here are some Grade games examples include:

  • Path control 
  • Brake juice 
  • Popcorn time 
  • Popcorn Eater 
  • Charge Everything 
  • Milk for Cat 
  • Happy filled Glass 

Learning Safe Kid Games:

Learning games is a cool way to learn with fun at the same time. In this learning game category, there are numerous sub-categories safe games offer, including, Board games, Math games, Memory games, puzzle games, typing games, engineering games, and more. Though, here are some learning games examples include:

  • Water Sort 
  • Photon Path 
  • Treze Lines 
  • Electric 
  • Light way 
  • Connector 
  • Jet Ski Addition 
  • Canoe Puppies 
  • Tugboat 
  • Alien 
  • Ducky Race

Fun Safe Kid Games 

Fun games are like going to another world in a story. You can discover new places and fun game strategies, and meet new exciting game characters. Moreover, your fun games also have several sub-categories where 1000+ games you can play free of cost. In this group of games, you will find games, action, advantage, cooking, driving, and popular, skill, sport, and strategy categories. Here are some fun games examples include: 

  • Mouse 
  • Run away 
  • Jetpack man 
  • Destroy blocks 
  • Circular Snake
  • Tunnel Ball 
  • Burger Now 
  • Ice-O-Matik 
  • Water Craft Rush 
  • Adventure Rush 
  • Pixel Park 
  • Zig Zag 

05 Best Safe Kid Games 

Here are the most popular games picks from Safe Kid Games:

#1 Coins Monster Truck 

In the Coins Monster Truck, you will race with a truck and collect shiny coins in a truck bed.  You need to drive carefully and get a controlled grip on the monster truck steering, then you will collect golden coins as you want. 

coin monster truck

How to Play?

  1. Click on the Arrow play button 
  2. Keep driving to the end of the road until you get at least one coin. 
  3. Use your keyboard’s right arrow key for increasing speed and the left key for slow truck speed.  
  4. You can also use A & D keys to speed up or slow down the speed. 

#2 Playful Kitty 

In Playful Kitty, you will meet a cute cat who loves to explore and play. Your job while playing with kitty is to help her to have more fun. 

Therefore, this is a puzzle and changing game that you need to solve while playing kitty. You need to find hidden things with the help of a kitty. When you touch the screen kitty jumps and has some fun and when you complete your task kitty happily goes to the next task. 

playful kitty

How to Play?

  1. Tap on the start arrow. 
  2. Choose your level. 
  3. Look at which bricks and branches need to break and find hidden things with the kitty.  
  4. Collect coins and points to go to the next level. 

#3 Zig Zag 

Zig Zag is a challenging and classic safe kid game. You need to keep your ball on the track with an on-time move. A single late move can fall your ball down and the game will start again. So keep Zig Zagging along the track and collect the points for the next level. 

zig zag

How to play?

  1. Tap on the screen
  2. Use the spacebar from your keyboard, you can also use the mouse to hold your ball on the track. 
  3. You just need to click or press the button when the ball needs to turn on the track. 
  4. Collect coins and earn some points to complete the level without falling. 

#4 Typing Jets 

In Typing Jets, you can practice typing at home. It is a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends online. Type letters and compete with your friends, this game helps to improve your typing skills. You just need to type the given letter as quickly as possible before your friends and win the game. 

typing jet

How to Play?

  1. Tap on the play button. 
  2. Set your name. 
  3. Add your friend’s name. If not click the play button on the bottom and start playing your own. 
  4. Focus on the hover sky discs, and keep an eye on the same color as your plane. 
  5. Quick type the letters and win the game. 

#5 Spelling Bees 

Spelling Bees is also a multiplayer game, where your kid can practice typing with racing spelling words. Running with friends can boost typing speed as well and your child can learn a lot while having fun. 

spelling bees

How to Play?

  1. Click on the play button and start the game. 
  2. Choose your game name.
  3. Here you can add your friend’s name and ask them to join the game, or you can play yourself. 
  4. Words later will be shown in the honey box, and you need to type fast to win the game. 

How to keep safe your Kid in Online Games? 

A lot of restrictions and rules can have a bad impact on children. So as the requirement of the modern age kids need to learn more quickly than their classmates. So here are some tips and tricks that should consider as a parent and guardian, when your kids want to use the internet. 

safe kid games tips and tricks

1. Check the Features of the Game

It is so easy, you can read reviews and related articles on Google for which is the best safe kid games. After choosing the game and site, make sure to play the game yourself to analyze the content of the game. 

2. Make Sure Games are Ads–Free

Most gaming sites offer free games with a lot of ads, which is not good. Sometimes kids are playing games and suddenly click on the ads which might display violent and irrelevant content. 

So the best site is Safe Kid Games which has just one ad on the main page. Besides you can turn off the internet when your kid playing the game, ads will not appear when the internet is turned off. 

3. Hide Chat Features

Chatting is sometimes not a good thing for children, especially with unknown online persons. So make sure to hide or turn off the chat features. Although a safe kid game site is best because it has no private chatting rooms, you just go, choose the game, and start enjoying it. 

4. Specify the Area of Gameplay

 The best way to protect your child from internet risk and violence, you set the area for playing games. Like the dining room, or TV lounge where you can easily note the activities of your kid.  

5. Balance Screen Time

Try to involve your kid in some outdoor activities, such as exercise, football, and other outdoor games. It helps to keep your child healthy and balance the screen time as well.

Bottom Lines 

You can build a safe and protected environment for your child by staying informed about your online activities. Open chatting and boundaries can exploit your child. Our first choice Safe Kid Games offers a secure and full-of-adventure gaming platform that is designed as a way of learning. Children’s safety and mental growth are always a top priority of every guardian. 






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